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I'm showing "maint" on my Twittercounter button

Kevin Pho, M.D. 14-Apr-2010 22:38:57

It's been there for the last week. What does this mean and when will the maintenance be complete?


Pablo Román 15-Apr-2010 05:32:29

Hello Kevin. Thank you for noticing. The button should be working normally now.


Kimberly 15-Apr-2010 23:30:55

Hi there,

I have the same problem as Kevin, but then reinstalled the Twittercounter button on my blog (one without the Java code) and I now only see hyperlink text and no button.

Can someone please provide some or insights?


LIBERATOR Magazine 10-Nov-2010 15:21:15

Same issue here... showing "maint" for the last two days. When will this revert back to our Twitter Count?

Sam Wierema 11-Nov-2010 12:42:18

This is probably due to your account not being updated. You can update your account and refresh the caches by clicking on "Update stats now" at the top of your page (next to the Tweet button).

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