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Something wrong with the application?

Vladimir Cvijanovic 12-Mar-2014 10:10:47

When I signed up for this application a moment ago the message said: 'Welcome @haighdavid'. When I tried again the same message sprung up, now with names @key4biz, @Diadoraofficial and @jav2 - as if I'm logged in as these people. Is something wrong with the application or did I simply misunderstand something? Thank you for your answer.

Sam Wierema 12-Mar-2014 11:33:42

Hi Vladimir,

We're sorry to hear that. Our logs show that your user was not found in our system, which triggered other users to show up instead. This has now been resolved.

Our apologies for the inconvenience.

JM Richards 16-Mar-2014 22:19:57

I am getting the same type of thing... the login shows that I am "@avatar" and when I click on my tweets it shows other peoples... also my twittermail is not working....

JM Richards 16-Mar-2014 22:25:33

I am getting the same thing, can you fix this for me?? @hamilton_ems

Norfolk Ontario Scan 16-Mar-2014 22:32:36

I get the same thing.... when I log on with my @Hamilton_EMS account I get other peoples stats and tweet counts.... also my Twittermail works fine for this account, but is not working for the @Hamilton_EMS account... is this related??

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