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The notification 'showing example visitors' still showing

Paul Dubois 14-Apr-2010 08:46:34

Hi guys,

first of all, I really like your website and think the twitter widget is a great tool. I have been using it for some time now.
Last week the 'example visitors' notification showed up and even though people are visiting my website, it doesn't go away. I tried reinstalling it but the notification still doesn't go away.
Do you know what is going on or how I can fix this?
Thanks Paul

Pablo Román 14-Apr-2010 11:10:34

Hi Paul, thanks for your compliments, we are glad you like the service.
We have looked into the bug and it should be fixed now. Regards from the Twittercounter team.

Paul Dubois 14-Apr-2010 11:20:57

Hi Pablo,

The widget is working great again. Thanks for helping.


Guido vanden Elshout 15-Apr-2010 10:56:50

How much I like it. My widget still shows the invite advice for a couple of weeks now. Getting annoyed by it. About to trash it..

Guido vanden Elshout 15-Apr-2010 11:10:26

Ah now I see Pablo visiting

Guido vanden Elshout 15-Apr-2010 11:15:23

And now it seems to function again

Pablo Román 15-Apr-2010 11:16:00

Hello Guido. As you can see, it works -maybe with a bit of delay- :). Just try to get people visit your site, and the message will disappear by itself.

Guido vanden Elshout 15-Apr-2010 11:29:56

Pablo it is not a new widget and my awesome Woopra stats show twitter friends were and are visiting

Guido vanden Elshout 15-Apr-2010 11:33:16

In addition...if I try to follow u here I get an cannot authenticate msg as several others I tried to follow

GJE 19-Apr-2010 09:46:51

I've installed a second personality and a new widget which also doesn't seem to renew

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