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How do I get my old twitter, which I have deleted off of this website, when I can't log back into it, because I have deleted it?

Pamela Grace 17-Feb-2014 14:26:12

my old twitter account that I have deleted is still up on this website and I would like all the information taken down. It is under the name @pamelaturcic

Pamela Grace 17-Feb-2014 14:26:59

* which i have deleted, off of this website

Pamela Grace 17-Feb-2014 14:41:19

the profile picture also lol like I was never on this website thank you

Katerina Petropoulou 18-Feb-2014 04:57:35

Hi Pamela,

Thanks for reaching out! My data indicates that your account has indeed been removed from Twitter Counter. It's now up to Google to index the page again and
update its search results accordingly. Unfortunately this can take
some time and we don't have any control over this process.

Do let us know if you have any further questions.

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