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How do I prevent my Tweet notifications being tweeted from my own account?

Stacey Hurwitz 01-Feb-2014 13:55:07

I don't want my tweet notifications being tweeted from my own account, how do I prevent that from happening?

Rey Caacbay 03-Feb-2014 06:39:31

HI Stacey, thanks for reaching out. The service can only be set manually by the user. So you will need to uncheck the tweet notifications box. Just go to the 'Milestone Notifications' setting page ( and uncheck the tweet box.

Stacey Hurwitz 03-Feb-2014 13:58:12

Hi Rey, Thank you very much for your message. I followed your directions but still have a question - the tweet box isn't checked - only the web box is checked. I followed your link and If I'm understanding you correctly, I'm looking at the tracking area and there are 3 boxes - web, email and tweet. Only web is checked. Below that is a box that still says "Tweet notifications are tweeted on your own account @StaceyHurwitz" with a gray check mark that cannot be unchecked. What am I doing wrong? Thanks again!

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