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I renewed my subscription as a featured account more than 7 days ago buy...

Cloudyn 29-Dec-2013 09:22:06

But still, it seems as we're not featured anymore. We used to get 8-20 new followers a day, and the last week has seen us lose more and more followers even though we're supposed to be feaured. What's up with that?

Sam Wierema 30-Dec-2013 12:45:03

Your latest campaign ran from 3 until 19 December. According to your Featured User report you've gained 154 followers over that time period.

Note that once a campaign stops, there's always some drop-off of followers as people decide whether they want to keep following you.

Cloudyn 31-Dec-2013 04:34:51

But, as I said, I already renewed my campaign... So, it should start working again... I renewed it 9 days ago, but still no movement. Why won't it start kicking again?

Sam Wierema 31-Dec-2013 05:42:30

We've sent an email with some further details to the email address on record.

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