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Twittermail not working

Alex Hibbert 28-Nov-2013 11:56:10

Hi - is Twittermail down again? I am sending emails to the correct address and nothing appears on my twitter account.....

I noticed others had this a month ago so is it likely to be a recurring problem?


Romance Authors 04-Dec-2013 23:44:20

Sending email to my Twittermail address and it's not posting.

Alex Hibbert 06-Dec-2013 10:34:47

No responses on this?

Adam Ross 06-Dec-2013 12:27:57

I just tried it and experienced the same - nothing. I tried to use IFTTT to automatically post tweets from another account I use.

Rey Caacbay 09-Dec-2013 04:53:56

Hi guys, apologies for the delayed response. We are actively working to identify and correct the cause, but unfortunately I can't comment on when that will be finished. In the meantime I can highly recommend you IFTTT's service. More on how to post to Twitter via email here:

Our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

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