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Mention an RT not showing

MusicaChilenaCL 14-Oct-2013 13:52:18

Hi there
I have two accounts. One of them, @musicachilenacl is not showing RT and mentions. The other one @diadelamusicacl it's showing them. Why? What can I do?
Thank you

Rey Caacbay 15-Oct-2013 03:34:42

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out! The problem with the retweet and mention data not being updated, is that the oAuth credentials we had for your account weren't valid anymore. Our data shows you have revoked third party tool access for app.

Something easily resolved by logging out, and logging back in to Twitter Counter with your account. Upon further investigation, I noticed we've been tracking your mentions and RT's again since Monday October 14th.

If you have any further Pro Twitter Stats questions, please email support (at) twittercounter (dot) com.

MusicaChilenaCL 15-Oct-2013 07:22:12

I've noticed that too. Now it's fixed.

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