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Displaying old data and search limit to particular periods

Santa María PoloClub 31-Jul-2013 08:36:08

Hi there! We are trying to see our "My Mentions" and "My Retweets" of the last days and it seems that is giving old data (one year ago).

And, is possible to limit the search of "My Mentions" and "My Retweets" to a particular period?


Rey Caacbay 31-Jul-2013 10:47:13

Hello there,

When you sign up for a Pro Twitter Stats account we start recording your Pro Twitter data. Twitter Counter cannot display statistics for data that was not recorded. Since you've just subscribed to our Pro Stats service, it will take some time to get your 'My Mentions' and 'My Retweets' data populated.

Makes sense?

Santa María PoloClub 01-Aug-2013 10:04:50

Yes! It seems that is showing us old data because we had a Pro account one year ago, and now we are coming back ...

Thank you!

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