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Wrong stats

TheSchoolBus 31-Jul-2013 07:53:59

I am using Twitter counter to track stats for my Twitter account _theschoolbus

When I click on 'Following' it shows the right stats, whereas if I click on 'Followers' it shows a straight line indicating that followers have not increased for a month, when I know for a fact they have increased by over 10!!

Similarly, I click on 'Tweets' and the graph shows me a straight line which mean I have tweeted 3 times everyday for the past month?! again, not true. If you check my account and Twitter on account, you can verify that number of tweets per day vary between 1 and 10.. so it cannot be 3 everyday.

Please advise.

What do I do to get the right stats?

Rey Caacbay 31-Jul-2013 10:43:49

Hi there,

Here at Twitter Counter we track over 112 million Twitter accounts, as you can imagine this requires a lot of resources. To keep everything to a minimum we only track a 'normal' account every now and then, if we miss a couple of days of data we try to calculate it as accurate as possible. Premium accounts will get tracked every hour, so they are a lot more accurate. Besides that we're use caching, this means that you may see data that is up to 24 hours old.

If you want to keep your profile up-to-date, you can press "Update stats now" at the top of your profile page every once in a while. Or subscribe to a weekly Twitter Stats newsletter update. This way we update the stats daily and keep you weekly updated about your progress. Please sign up with your account and fill in your email address over at

Savory Savings 02-Aug-2013 20:55:21

I am having this same issue - in fact, I have over 4,300 Twitter followers - but the counter is showing 2,300. Where'd my other 2,000 go? :(

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