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Export Stats

Costa Sunglasses 09-Jul-2013 07:09:26

I was wondering if you could tell me when the monthly stats usually update? I need the report for the month of June. For May, it was available around the 6th. Does it differ month to month?

Rey Caacbay 12-Jul-2013 06:52:31

Hi there,
We had some problems with the Export Stats page. We are very sorry that this happened to you. The error was due to a computer glitch in our automated CSV generated system. As a result of this issue, and in order to prevent this from happening to you and other customers in the future, new procedures are being put in place.

CSV files in general can take up to 5 days to generate for the last month. Another thing to note is that our servers use the EST (America/Chicago) time zone, so morning in Chicago could be evening in Australia (or somewhere else).

In the meantime, your CSV file of June has been added to your account . For next mont you can expect the file there before August 5th.

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