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I signed up for premium stats like 2 months ago, but my mentions and retweets are still at 0. Why aren't they populating?

Max Heredia 24-Jun-2013 23:45:33

I have an a 10 premium account with @converse_mexico, @conversesktaemx and my account @maxfreixenet but it's only collecting mentions/retweets on @converse_mexico, could you please help me?

Rey Caacbay 27-Jun-2013 12:05:41

Hi Max, when did you added these accounts?

Rey Caacbay 03-Jul-2013 06:12:42

Hi Max, upon checking your account I noticed that we've been tracking mentions/retweets again. If you connected a new account to your Pro Stats 10 account, please allow up to 24 hours for us to collect everything and update your account. If you have any further questions or concerns, you can also email support at twittercounter dot com.

Max Heredia 16-Jul-2013 13:46:46

Hi Rey, thanks a lot for your support. I connected new accounts las week to my Pro Stats 10 account, could you please help me to update my account?
The new accounts didn't collect mentions/retweets yet.

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