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Tweeting from CK-12s Account

CK-12 Foundation 19-Feb-2013 13:07:25

I never remember making an account with you guys, but for some reason you are able to tweet as CK12. I would like to deactivate my account with twitter counter as these unathorized tweets from my CK12s account must stop. Thanks

CK-12 Foundation 19-Feb-2013 13:11:54

Actually, deactivating might not be necessary if I can be directed towards the setting that lets me block twitter counter from posting on our twitter page. Thanks

Jorg Ruis 19-Feb-2013 13:12:49

Hi there,

We never enable notifications for a user. Could it be that someone else logged in on TwitterCounter and enabled it? Just logging in, doesn't enable this, so that's why I am asking.

I obviously disabled the milestone notifications in the settings on

Best, Jorg

Jorg Ruis 19-Feb-2013 13:14:51


Just missed your last comment. You can enable and disable notifications for your accounts or friends here: this page

Good to know is that you can get notifications on milestones via mail, on the site here or automatically tweet via your account. You are fully in control!

Best, Jorg

CK-12 Foundation 19-Feb-2013 13:53:10

Great, thank you for disabling the milestone notifications Jorg!

Jorg Ruis 19-Feb-2013 13:54:20

You're welcome! Do check them out though, they're pretty neat and who wants to miss their next follower or tweet milestone?

Enjoy your day!

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