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RT stats not showing on exported stats spread sheet

Zipcar UK 10-Jan-2013 05:41:51

Hey there,

I’ve recently, started using Twitter Counter to export to Excel spread sheets. On the website I can see historical data for all metrics on the graph going back a few months, however when I export stats I can only see Followers, Mentions and ReTweets by me, I cannot see ‘My Tweets ReTweeted’ data from anything earlier than the last 30 days when exporting for month-by-month reports.

Please let me know what I can do to retrieve this data as a spread sheet rather than just viewing it as a graph on the site.



Rey Caacbay 14-Jan-2013 14:49:27

Hi James,

When you sign up for a Pro Twitter Stats account we start recording your Pro Twitter data (retweets, mentions). Twitter Counter cannot display statistics for data that was not recorded. However, we try to get as much Pro Stats for your account from Twitter. Unfortunately, Twitter also has to deal with system availability. Which means in some cases we can't retrieve historical Pro Stats at all (but most of the times at least a couple of days).

If you have any other questions, feel free to email us: support (at) twittercounter (dot) com


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