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Why are people's name showing up on my widget (vs. their icon)

Kate Harper Designs 08-Apr-2010 00:12:51

My widget is a mess of follower names an images. I just want images. How do I fix this? It looks sloppy. The twitter counter is lower left:

Arjen Schat 08-Apr-2010 04:50:22

Hi Kate,

I would love to help you, but is it not our widget. It is probably broken, because it is out of date.

We have an other widget, you can see it on the bottom right, that actually shows you which twitter users visit your site.

Kate Harper Designs 08-Apr-2010 10:35:51

Thanks for your speedy reply.

This *is* your widget because it goes directly to your website and it also has the same company name on it. Any clue what's up?

The one you mentioned in the lower right of your home page is different. It is not a list of people who follow you.

Are you sure you don't have an updated version?

Sam Wierema 08-Apr-2010 10:49:32

Hi Kate, the button you see is ours (the one that keeps count of your followers), you can find it here: The images below that button is not anything that we made. We only have this widget available:

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