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This question was answered on 13th of December 2012, 12:45 PM

My account is not showing RT and mentions since several days ago. How can I solve it?

Posted by La Rural — 12th of December 2012, 13:27 PM

I have a pro account tracking @larural_bsas. But since some days ago, it is not showing my Mentions and Retweets.


Rey Caacbay

Posted on 13th of December 2012, 12:45 PM

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out! The problem with the retweet and mention data not being updated, is that the oAuth credentials we had for your account wasn't valid anymore. Either you had revoked third party tool access, or you haven't logged in at Twitter Counter for more than 6 months.

Something easily resolved by logging out, and logging back in to Twitter Counter with your account.

Upon checking your account I noticed that your data already has been fully updated. If the problem returns please follow the steps as mentioned above.

Greetings from Amsterdam!

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