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Issues updating stats

Jimmy Elliott 06-Apr-2010 22:21:25

I'm having issues updating my stats. I can update them but it doesn't actually update on the graph. When I update it I have different follower counts than on my twitter profile.

p̶e̶e̶e̶l̶a̶ 07-Apr-2010 23:37:56

Accessing the API provides different values for tomorrow, next_month etc, than is displayed on the twittercounter home page. Not out of the ball park different, but at least 50% different. What time do the stats get updated?

Arjen Schat 08-Apr-2010 04:43:52

Hi Jimmy, we were moving some server stuff around on the 6th. If you update your stats now, the graph is updated correctly instantly.

For the prediction, we use different algorithms, in the api and the graph. We have to fix that.

p̶e̶e̶e̶l̶a̶ 08-Apr-2010 09:04:55

Thanks Arjen. So this is how I understand it. Currently "Prediction tomorrow" and "Followers in 30 days" from TwitterCounter homepage is a different calculation to the "tomorrow" and "next month" result using the API? Cheers, Andrew

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