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Our tweet data is wildly inaccurate. Can you take a look?

RSNO 16-Oct-2012 12:21:48

Our tweet data shown in the graph is wildly inaccurate. It shows week upon week of zero tweets then spikes of 169 or 41 tweets in one day, which I know is wrong. Having paid for this service I would have expected this data to be much more accurate. Is there anyway you can take a look at it please?

Rey Caacbay 18-Oct-2012 15:30:39

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out. Here at Twitter Counter we track over 67 million Twitter accounts, as you can imagine this requires a lot of resources. To keep everything to a minimum we only track a 'normal' account every now and then, if we miss a couple of days of data we try to calculate it as accurate as possible.

Premium accounts will get tracked every hour, so they are a lot more accurate. Besides that we're use caching, this means that you may see data that is up to 24 hours old.

Now that you've subscribed to a Premium account we will store all the information we're able to get, so next month you'll have accurate and comprehensive data from the start of your subscription.

If you require more information about your premium subscription, please feel free to email us at

Dash and Albert 21-Feb-2013 11:29:50

We're having the same issue and just signed up for a Pro account. Is there a way to ensure accurate data from before sign-up? We need to construct accurate reports from the past few months.

Rey Caacbay 25-Feb-2013 06:44:38

Hi Dash and Albert,

Unfortunately there's no way to ensure accurate data from before sign-up. Because of one simple reason: Twitter Counter cannot display statistics for data that was not recorded. As mentioned above we only track a 'normal' account every now and then, if we miss a couple of days we try to calculate it as accurate as possible.

Our records show that we have scattered data for your account (meaning we're missing days between data points). When this happens our graph algorithm tries to calculate the difference between to dates and plots the graph accordingly. Good thing is that when it comes to evaluating your account, you can always look at the main trend per period. Even when there are gaps you usually should be able to create a report.

Now that you've subscribed to our Pro service, we will save and collect your (Pro) Twitter data hourly, so you don't miss a thing anymore!

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