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tracker blocked at 134, not able to rate more tweets

Hatem Ben Yacoub 21-Sep-2012 02:35:43

Tracker was working fine ine the beginning, but since yesterday it's blocked at 134/439 and not loading tweets anymore for rating.

Hatem Ben Yacoub 21-Sep-2012 15:22:24

Any help please ? Actually it's 135/445 tweets with 1576 unrated tweets ?!

Rey Caacbay 23-Sep-2012 04:38:58

Hi Hatem, thanks for reaching out. Can you please email the link of your tracker to support (at) TwitterCounter (dot) com?

Hatem Ben Yacoub 23-Sep-2012 14:49:23

I sent link by email, got it ? or should I resend ?

Hatem Ben Yacoub 25-Sep-2012 01:29:18

still loading without data :/ 159 tweets rated only and 1845 unrated !

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