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my followers not being added to my total ?

peter watling 06-Sep-2012 18:31:10

i have new followers every day, but i can't add them to my total ...i click add...but nothing happens // dribblepussy

Rey Caacbay 07-Sep-2012 10:19:07

Hi Peter,
Thanks for reaching out! We use caching, this means that you may see data that is up to 24 hours old.

peter watling 07-Sep-2012 18:50:06

Thanx mate ! should I empty my firefox cache, too ???

peter watling jp

peter watling 07-Sep-2012 18:52:11

cha cha cha

Rey Caacbay 10-Sep-2012 04:15:22

Hi Peter, no that shouldn't be necessary. Your data has now been updated, please let me know if you require further information.

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