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No update on Tweets from July

Día de Negocios 15-Aug-2012 08:45:18

I'm trying to have a report from this account (@jmdls2011) but the stats doesn't show me the tweets the user has posted this month (there are 2 tweets on 10th August, but the stats show me August empty!)


Rey Caacbay 15-Aug-2012 09:25:48

Dear Francisco,

Thanks for reaching out. Here at Twitter Counter we track over 21 million Twitter accounts, as you can imagine this requires a lot of resources. To keep everything to a minimum we only track a 'normal' account once a day (or sometimes a little less), if we miss a couple of days of data we try to calculate it as accurate as possible. Premium accounts will get tracked every hour, so they are a lot more accurate. Besides that we're use caching, this means that you may see data that is up to 24 hours old.

If you wish to have correct numbers I would advise you to hit the "Update stats now" link at the top of the page every once in a while.

Día de Negocios 15-Aug-2012 09:38:50

Thanks for you quickly answer. Ok, I understand, but in this case I'm seeing stats from the first days of july, so the stats are almost two months obsolete. I hit the "Update stats now" but the stats didn't change!

Rey Caacbay 21-Aug-2012 03:23:23

When you update the stats, the stats gets updated at the moment you push the button. We can’t retrieve historic tweet numbers via the Twitter API.
Please read the blogpost below for more information:

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