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Maximum Graph Size

Study Glasgow 07-Aug-2012 05:04:42

Hello, I'm trying to do some research into other accounts and wondering how exactly to see "all" on the graph size. This redirects to the premium page sign-up, for which I have paid and done, but I still can't see beyond the free (pay with tweet) 6 months.

Rey Caacbay 07-Aug-2012 05:25:14

Unfortunately it's not possible to track "premium stats" from other accounts. If you sign up to a premium account, you will only get access to "all" historical data from your own account.

Study Glasgow 07-Aug-2012 05:54:38

Thank you for your quick reply.

Alas, it would be nice that this fact is made clearer in future.

Rey Caacbay 07-Aug-2012 08:13:26

You're welcome! We will be reviewing the expectations set by our Premium page sign up, to see if we can increase the clarity of our offering.

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