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Tweets Not Showing Up

LouisColumbus 14-Jun-2012 12:13:40

I am a featured user right now, and only my profile is showing up. Not my Tweets. Do I need to specifically configure my account for Tweets to show up?

Rey Caacbay 14-Jun-2012 14:46:20

Hi Louis, i just checked your account and everything seems ok. Can you please send a screenshot to

LouisColumbus 14-Jun-2012 14:56:06

Sure, thanks for the quick response.

LouisColumbus 16-Jul-2012 08:05:37

Hi, the problem is back and I just sent the screen capture to Thanks for your help and have a great Monday!

Rey Caacbay 16-Jul-2012 11:21:50

Hi Louis, sorry to here about your experience. We will look into it and get back to you as soon as possible via

LouisColumbus 16-Jul-2012 11:33:09


It's a Monday :-) Thanks for your help. Have an excellent day and thanks for your response.

All the best


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