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Having trouble configuring on Squarespace blog.

Chris Aguirre 02-Apr-2010 17:14:13

Any advice?

Thanks in advance,

Sam Wierema 03-Apr-2010 11:52:09

What are you trying to configure? The Widget?

Chris Aguirre 03-Apr-2010 12:11:57

Yes. Sorry. I paste the code the same way I past all code within my Squarespace HTML widget but no TwitterCounter. Is there code that needs to be added at the page level?

Sam Wierema 03-Apr-2010 12:54:48

You could add it to a template of some sorts (I'm not 100% sure how Squarespace works). Can you tell me if you can see the Javascript appearing on your page (if you have a link I'll look at it)?

Chris Aguirre 03-Apr-2010 14:10:56

Because nothing is showing up for you to see, and if you're not familiar with Sqspc it might be easier if I could get you a screencap that shows how widget code is typically added. Is that possible? Email perhaps? thx for your patience,

Arjen Schat 05-Apr-2010 08:01:41

Hi Chris,

When editing the html section, make sure you switch to RAW HTML first, before you past the code.
Next make sure you enable the widget.

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