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Sending from a web script?

YoMamaJokes 19-May-2012 14:37:57

I'm able to successfully email a Tweet from my personal email account, but when trying to script something that I hope to put on a CRON job, the emailed Tweets don't make it to my Tweet Stream.

It's a PHP script that is sending fine, already tested to my personal account. My goal is simply to automate scheduled Tweets :)

The script is sending from the same domain email account I am registered with here.

Sam Wierema 24-May-2012 06:54:40

My apologies for the delayed response.

Are you sending email in HTML or Plain-text format? I think emails need to contain a Plain-text version to work with Twittermail. If you're already doing that, and it's still not working, could you perhaps send an email to with some technical details?

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