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Can I export the data for mentions and retweets as a csv?

Who What Wear 09-Apr-2012 20:31:11

Currently when I go to export mentions / retweets data for cvs it just gives me the follower / following / # of tweets data.

Can I export the data that is populating the mentions and retweets charts as a csv?

Sam Wierema 11-Apr-2012 04:40:56

Presumably when you exported the .csv we hadn't yet collected the data for @mentions and re-tweets (which can take up to 24 hours max.). The .csv export should now contain all this data.

Could you confirm whether you're seeing the @mentions and re-tweets in the .csv export right now?

Who What Wear 17-Apr-2012 14:18:49

I am seeing them now, but the @ mentions only go back 30 days when I export. Is it possible to get them from January 1 2012 - now?

Who What Wear 17-Apr-2012 14:19:15

Apologies, I mean the RTs only go back 30 days - would like to have them from Jan 1 2012 - now (not the mentions).

Sam Wierema 18-Apr-2012 10:09:38

When you click on "Export stats" you should be presented with an interface that will allow you to download your history per month.

If you're not seeing these historic download please contact

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