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Twitter stats not updating

[adult swim] 26-Mar-2012 09:31:24

Our stats aren't updating when I sync. Currently they are stuck on March 23. This has been a problem for about two weeks, but it's never been stuck on a previous day for more than a few hours. Tried syncing manually, no luck.

Sam Wierema 27-Mar-2012 04:39:10

Thank you for reporting this issue.

Ever since our migration we've been experiencing issues with our cache not being updated correctly, despite your stats being updated every day. This is why the graph seems to be stuck on 23 March.

We've implemented a fix and are testing whether that has resolved the issue. Please let us know whether your stats are updated and do contact us again if they are still stuck.

Mike Harding 28-Mar-2012 22:37:39

Hi, I'm experiencing the same issue - only March 20 and it's still stuck. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Sam Wierema 29-Mar-2012 03:52:02

Hi Mike,

Thank you for reporting the issue. We're having a look at the issue again, since it doesn't seem to have resolved yet.

In the meantime, I've updated your statistics and the graph is up-to-date again.

Mike Harding 29-Mar-2012 08:45:01

Thanks Sam.

International Timber 19-Apr-2012 09:10:09

Hi, I'm experiencing this same problem - only showing statistics from today (19 April) and nothing from earlier than this. Please can you help? Thanks

Sam Wierema 19-Apr-2012 10:42:20

Our records indicate that we only have one stats record for your account; today's record. As such there's not much we can show on the graph at this time.

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