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Trouble do cancel my Pro Twitter Count

Gustavo Rigueiral 25-Mar-2012 19:41:50

Hello Twitter Counter team

My name is Gustavo Rigueiral and I'm in a unusual situacional. A few mouths ago, I use to work in a advestasing agency, and while I was working there, I created a count on Twitter counter using a twitter profile that wasan't my, was from the company, but I paied for the service.

Now, I'm out of these job, but the bill for the service of twitter counter keep coming and I don't remember the login and password to cancel de service. All I remember, is the credit card number that I used to hire the service.

So, my question is: If a tell you guys the number of my credit card, cold you please tell me the name of the twitter profile that I used hire the service?

This way, I can contact the advestising agency and cancel de service.

You can write back to our add me on Skype for a better explanation of the problem. Just look for Gustavo Rigueiral and add me.

Thanks for the help

Gustavo Rigueiral.

Sam Wierema 27-Mar-2012 04:36:03

Hi Gustavo,

The account you're referring to is @AmoOrganicBeef. I've sent you an email with more information regarding your subscription.

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