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Immediate Account Removal

Cesar W. Stolp 21-Mar-2012 00:49:53

I'm requesting that the Twitter account: @kdt6 (!/kdt6) be removed from your listings with immediate effect.

This Twitter username now belongs to me (and is a protected Twitter account) and no longer owned by the person you have listed on your pages for this username.

I have unchecked the 'search listing' options in the settings, and have even attempted to re-sync the listed account by logging into Twittercounter.

Please remove this outdated listing from your DB's.

Sam Wierema 22-Mar-2012 07:57:27

Hi Kieran,

I've updated the record for @kdt6 on Twitter Counter.

With regards to removing the listing: at this time it is not possible for us to un-track an active Twitter profile. You can, however, indicate to us that you would not like to be displayed in search engines. If you log in to Twitter Counter and go to your Settings page at you can uncheck the "Allow my profile to be indexed" checkbox.

We're working on creating a feature that would disallow us to track your profile completely, but I can't comment on when that will be finished.

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