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Why can I only export mentions from the last 2 months?

kuvva 13-Mar-2012 11:21:25

I'm trying to export mentions dating back from 6 months. However, I can't seem to export it using the .pdf doc and exporting it using .csv only shows mentions from 2 months ago.

kuvva 13-Mar-2012 13:02:13

Also, I'm unable to download a .pdf Report.

Sam Wierema 15-Mar-2012 07:30:06

Thank you for reporting these issues.

The .pdf report should be downloadable again. Please contact if you're unable to do so.

With regards to the .csv export: it is currently capped at one month in the past, due to technical limitations. Please contact for a full export of your data.

Our apologies for the inconvenience.

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