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Follower Data

Time Warner Cable 08-Mar-2012 16:25:36

Signed up for the service a couple of hours ago. I'm having an issue where when I export data for a 3 month view the Follower Data is not for that period - it's a non-sequential/non-complete smattering of a handful of dates and follower counts going back a few years.
Are there known issues with Data Export?

Sam Wierema 13-Mar-2012 07:43:51

There are no known issues with the .csv export. The export shows you all the stats we have on record for your account (up until today), regardless of which graph you're looking at. They should be in reverse chronological order (newest at the top).

Time Warner Cable 13-Mar-2012 12:26:12

Thanks for answering, Sam. When I look at the graph (on screen) it has daily data, but when I get the export it is sporadic dates for the past 3 years (although the export was for 3 months). If it would help to see the export, let me know where I can send it...

Sam Wierema 13-Mar-2012 13:08:43

You can send it to Then I can explain in a bit more detail what's happening.

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