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why Twittermail doesn't post the tweets?

spacemarc forum 02-Mar-2012 15:55:32

Sometimes in past (and in the last 2-3 hours), the most of email sent to my secret address isn't becomed a tweet!
This issue it's very annoying'cause we do not understand whether it is because accented characters, text over 140 characters, wrong email headers or other things.
Do you have a possible solution? thanks!

spacemarc forum 05-Mar-2012 13:28:12

ok, now i'm logged in via Twitter

Sam Wierema 07-Mar-2012 09:45:18

Has this issue been resolved at this time by logging in?

spacemarc forum 07-Mar-2012 13:56:39

I'm logged via Twitter and I've sent some emails but no tweets are shown.

Sam Wierema 13-Mar-2012 07:38:25

Could you please send me an email at regarding the issue?

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