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Why can't I get my full stats?

Brandon Swanson 02-Mar-2012 12:15:47

Why will it only let me look back to March 11? When it says that you where tracking data as far back as March 09?

Sam Wierema 07-Mar-2012 09:37:15

Hi Brandon,

Where does it state we're tracking you since March '09? As far as I can tell it says "Tracking @BrandonRSwanson since September 15, 2011" on your profile, which seems to correspond with the first record we have for your account.

If a page is stating something else, please do let us know.

Brandon Swanson 07-Mar-2012 12:40:04

Ah yes sorry. It was for @REALTORdotcom. Is there anyway I can get these stats? or at least stats to Jan. 11?

Sam Wierema 13-Mar-2012 07:36:23

Hi Brandon,

You can see up to three months of stats for @REALTORdotcom here If you log in with the account you can optionally check up to 6 months of stats for free.

If you're looking to look back even further I would suggest signing up for a Premium subscription with @REALTORdotcom. For more information on our Premium subscriptions, please check

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