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Is twittermail down?

niamerif 08-Feb-2012 20:26:13

I am not receiving tweets from my twittermail email address.

Dullstroom Weather 09-Feb-2012 04:05:27

Me too. My midnight and 08h00 emails have not been tweeted. Did a test this morning, no joy.

Bird Information 09-Feb-2012 04:42:11

Me Three. Not been working since around 16:00 gmt yesterday

Forex Market Signals 09-Feb-2012 04:50:15

Me Four ;) ... Not working at all since around 16:00 gmt yesterday ..; Please Help

Chema Stregoni 09-Feb-2012 05:22:32

I sent an email to my correct twittermail address and no tweets are posted yesterday. Please help??

Sam Wierema 09-Feb-2012 06:11:15

We're looking into this and will post here when we have more information. Our apologies for the current inconvenience.

Please let us know if the situation changes.

Stellwerk Sim 09-Feb-2012 07:25:06

Still not working:

telnet 25
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused

Sam Wierema 09-Feb-2012 07:31:47

The Twittermail server is currently processing a backlog of email and is probably not accepting connections during that time.

birdinfo42 09-Feb-2012 09:26:11

still not working 14:25 gmt.

Forex Market Signals 10-Feb-2012 00:53:23

Working Now :) Thanks a lot. Regards.

Sam Wierema 10-Feb-2012 05:25:06

The Twittermail service is up and running again. Due to issues with memory the server repeatedly froze, making the service unreachable. This issue has now been resolved and Tweets should be posting again. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

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