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what is the time zone u use 2 record when tweets are posted 2 twittercounter

Mark West 03-Feb-2012 03:22:28

Why is the timezone should its already friday even though Im in alaska AKST & its not even tomorrow yet

Jorg Ruis 03-Feb-2012 05:38:33

Hi Westybsa, we use one timezone and that's where out site is being hosted - which is Chicago if I'm not mistaking.

Chris Salter 15-Mar-2014 12:38:01

You should either be using the customer twitter account timezone or GMT/UTC. It should be fairly trivial to give the option of having the stats automatically adjusted to the timezone of their choice (I've looked but haven't found the option if it exists). Having just subscribed to a premium account I'm less than impressed! :-(

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