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Mentions serach in tweets

Wikirating Team 30-Jan-2012 02:26:55

When I search for a specific word mentioned in tweets in Twitter counter, it seems that it searches always with the @ symbol. Example: if I seach for the word "corner", it will perform the search on "@corner", which gives a complete different result...
Am I doing smthg wrong? Is there a ways to change this?

Jorg Ruis 03-Feb-2012 09:03:12

Hi there, our search is only to search for user profiles as that's the content we offer here publicly. If you like to track tweets we have a neat little service called Twitter Tracker - It's part of our Pro Stats package for only $15 a month. Hope this helps.

Enjoy your weekend!

Wikirating Team 03-Feb-2012 09:12:56

Hello Jorg,

OK, thanks, no I got it. However I am a bit disappointed: I have applied for the Premium Twitter Stats subscription, but one can start the twitter tracker search only at the date of the premium start. Is there no possibility to start a tracker search earlier in time? Does the premium service not offer this option?

Jorg Ruis 03-Feb-2012 09:26:20


We try to get tweets on the subject till two days ago but further than that isn't possible at the moment with the Twitter API as far as I know.

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