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Mike van Rossum 30-Jan-2012 12:07:51

At this moment we can only delete accounts that are deleted from Twitter and it appears that your Twitter account still exists. As long as I can still visit your account at!/CGreatorix Twitter Counter keeps tracking you.

Here you can find more info about deleting your Twitter account:

Mike van Rossum 01-Feb-2012 12:21:37

Alternatively you can, however, indicate to us that you would not like to be displayed in search engines. If you log in to Twitter Counter and go to your Settings page at you can uncheck the "Allow my profile to be discovered by search engines" checkbox.

We're working on creating a feature that would disallow us to track your profile completely, but I can't comment on when that will be finished.

ヒロ 02-May-2012 21:02:33

I failed to find out "Allow my profile to be discovered by search engines" in setting page. Where is it located? Please advise.

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