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How do you define a Retweet?

Moving Portraits 25-Jan-2012 08:14:14

in other words what does a Tweeter need to include in a RT to be counted on this site - I want to understand the perimeters for the data collected. The totals I get here are very different from other analytic sites.

Sam Wierema 25-Jan-2012 08:38:33

A Retweet is defined in two ways: an "official" Retweet, done through the Twitter button, or through Twitter's apps. The other is defined as those Tweets which contain the "RT @username" structure and reference part of the Tweet retweeted.

You mention that you get totally different results from other websites. Could you possibly send an email to explaining that in some more detail. We're always curious to know whether we can improved our service in some way.

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