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Graphs displaying incorrect stats

CA Global Partners 25-Jan-2012 02:27:36

if I look at the "Tweets" chart (monthly view), it says I tweeted 3 times on Jan 16 and that was all for the past month. Actually, I tweeted on jan 8, 10, 12, 22, 24....and NOT on Jan 16. Can you fix this display error? Same problems when I look at who I'm following - it gives me a linear graph - which isn't accurate. Thanks.

Sam Wierema 25-Jan-2012 08:19:56

Our records indicate that between 15 January and 25 January you've done a total of 3 tweets (according to Twitter). Our graph tries to account for the missing days (we have no records in between those dates) and thus says that they've all been done on the 16th.

The same issue occurs with your Following graph. Because we have no records between 15 and 25 January, the graph appears as linear.

ASMCORP 30-Jan-2012 13:43:59

I'm having trouble with the accuracy of the graphs. For example, we ended September with 34 followers and on the graph it says 52, on October I have the record of 40 and the graph says 57... Why do you have all the information incorrect??

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