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how do I email a tweet?

Data Support 10-Jan-2012 11:24:33

how do I email a tweet?

Sam Wierema 11-Jan-2012 04:38:31

You could use Twittermail for this purpose. If you go to you'll find your unique Twittermail address. Just send an email with your Tweet to that email address and you're Tweet will be posted.

Amy Corwin 12-Jan-2012 14:59:25

Is twittermail free?
I went through the process to set up Twittermail and tested it by sending an email to the address given. Nada. Nothing. Zip.

The contents of the e-mail never got tweeted.
So I'm wondering if this only works if you are a paying customer for the stats.

Sam Wierema 13-Jan-2012 05:55:24

Twittermail is completely free.

I've also checked our records and we've not registered any tweets from your account so far. What kind of emails are you sending? Perhaps you can forward an example to (mention that it's regarding Twittermail) and I'll have a look.

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