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Post Spanish Characters via Twittermail

Carl Washburn 29-Dec-2011 14:57:02

When I attempt to post Spanish characters via email they do not display on my Twitter account. What can I do for them to post?

Sam Wierema 02-Jan-2012 09:44:15

Are they not posting at all? Or the Spanish letters are missing from the Tweets?

Carl Washburn 03-Jan-2012 09:23:39

The entire message fails to post. I have done some further testing with this.

If I send a Spanish character in the subject of the email it always fails to post.

If I send Spanish characters in the body of my email from my Outlook email it will post without issue.

If I send Spanish characters in the body of an email I generate programmatically (C# Stmp Mail Object) then the message will not post.


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