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i don't want use twitter counter from next month.

교육부 18-Dec-2011 20:02:12

i didn't know that is twitter counter extended automatically each month. i payed this month already. but i don't want use it from next month.
i wanna quit payment.

my stats are something wrong. is it average?
check it please.

교육부 20-Dec-2011 02:22:11

I'm sorry that I changed my mind.
I would like to keep using it.

But I want change the credit card of payment.
Please let me know how I can change the payment
and there's something wrong on my stats - I couldn't check my daily counting properly before 17th Nov.

I look forward your promt reply.

Thank you.

PS. Is there any Korean staff who can translate Korean to English?

Sam Wierema 27-Dec-2011 10:13:16

My apologies for the delay in response.

To change the credit card associated with your subscription you would need to follow these steps:

1. De-activate your current subscription (you can do so via your Subscriptions page at
2. Wait until your subscription expires (one month after the last payment, or in your case on the 17th of January).
3. Re-subscribe with your new credit card using our signup form at

Note that any data we have gathered for your Premium subscription will not be lost when you de-activate. Once you've re-subscribed you'll automatically have access to it again.

Could you please send me an email regarding something wrong with your stats? The email address is

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