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How do I get removed from Twitter Counter?

K C 13-Dec-2011 12:51:18

I never gave access to Twitter Counter until just now when I wanted to ask this question - I do not want to be on this website, please take me off. How do I get off Twitter Counter so it does not show on Google Search????? Thank you.

Sam Wierema 14-Dec-2011 14:43:22

Hi Katie,

At this time it is not possible for us to un-track an active Twitter profile. You can, however, indicate to us that you would not like to be displayed in search engines. If you log in to Twitter Counter and go to your Settings page at you can uncheck the "Allow my profile to be indexed" checkbox.

We're working on creating a feature that would disallow us to track your profile completely, but I can't comment on when that will be finished.

K C 05-Jan-2012 12:52:22

I can't find the "Allow my profile to be indexed" there is a box saying "Allow my profile to be searched on search engines" and that is already unchecked. Why is this still coming up when I search my name? I never asked to be on this site and this is becoming a liability to me!!!!!

Sam Wierema 09-Jan-2012 08:24:12

Once you've unchecked the checkbox it can take up to a few weeks for Google to process the change. That is, unfortunately, not something we control.

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