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Hey, my account details are wrong..

HackerRank at Work 16-Mar-2010 05:01:12

May I know why my account details show the same number of followers for the past 3 months? I know for sure that I got 4 new followers yesterday.

Arjen Schat 16-Mar-2010 05:32:28

We only track you since today, so we don't have any data. From now on, we'll update your stats daily. Thanks for logging in.

Cyber Hippie 01-May-2010 09:51:40

OMG... It only tracks from when we get this thing????
My question is... If I have a thousand followers and then sign up and get 3 new followers, it will only show up as "Followers = 3"

If so, besides handing out cash, is there a way to get the real stats?

If not, shouldnt the widgets and buttons say "Followers since joining twittercounter are not a real indication of 'USERS' real followers = 3 + what we havent recorded"

Sam Wierema 03-May-2010 04:01:04

No. Once we've added you to our tracking system we will automatically poll Twitter once a day (or sometimes more) for your stats. These should be updated automatically on Twittercounter. If you'd like to be more in control of what Twittercounter shows, you can press the "Update stats now" button once in a while.

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