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I can't post my tweet from my account

Junko (Honeydew) 16-Mar-2010 00:05:50

Every time I try to post my tweet from my account, I get an auto-returned email which says, I have changed my password since I register at so it's not working anymore so please register again. But, there's no way to delete the account, how can I activate my twittermail account again?

Arjen Schat 16-Mar-2010 05:33:48

Once you login, choose the twittermail tab. You can choose a new twittermail address.

Wetter Lichtenegg 01-Sep-2012 15:05:55

I am trying to get the address in the twittermail tab. After pressing the save button the mail address isn't saved and on clicking the twittermail tab again I've a new address. Can anybody help me or give me a hint? 15-Oct-2012 12:13:21

I am having the same problem as @LigWetter. TwitterMail settings are now sticking. I can not establish an account.

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