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How do I get a receipt for the monthly fee?

Adrian Parker 25-Oct-2011 09:36:31

Need for expense tracking.

Richard Kraaijenhage 25-Oct-2011 09:46:44

Hey Adrian,

You can download your invoices on the subscription page

I hope this answers your question, please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.


Adrian Parker 25-Oct-2011 09:57:31

Thx. Tried the link and no info is appearing under the subscriptions title. bug?

Richard Kraaijenhage 25-Oct-2011 10:11:47

Hey Adrian,

Can you give me the username you used in your subscription, so I can take a look at it?


Adrian Parker 25-Oct-2011 10:17:00

Sure. It's @adriandparker

Richard Kraaijenhage 25-Oct-2011 10:25:07

Hey Adrian,

I see that you don't have a premium membership with @adriandparker, but @RadioShack does. If you want to download invoices for RadioShack, you need to be logged in as RadioShack.

To login as RadioShack, you need to logout from adriandparker on Twitter and login with @RadioShack, then login on Twitter Counter with @RadioShack.


Adrian Parker 25-Oct-2011 10:35:46

Duh!... forgot. Thx for reminder. MultipleTwitterAcoount-itis

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