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420cardprocessing 24-Oct-2011 10:02:51

How do I downgrade my service back to the free basic service?

Richard Kraaijenhage 25-Oct-2011 04:38:19


You can cancel your subscription via to go back to your free basic service.

I hope this answers your question, please let me know if there is anything I can help you.


420cardprocessing 25-Oct-2011 08:19:49

I tried to cancel but there seems to be no button to cancel. Can you please assist?

Richard Kraaijenhage 25-Oct-2011 09:33:14


Can you see the "Stop subscription" button?


420cardprocessing 25-Oct-2011 09:43:22

No, does that mean it is already stopped? Can you look and see for us?

Richard Kraaijenhage 25-Oct-2011 09:54:51


I looked up, and you successfully stopped your subscription on October 16. Your premium features will remain till November 8.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.


420cardprocessing 25-Oct-2011 10:00:33

Thank you for your assistance. We will look at this again in the future!

Richard Kraaijenhage 25-Oct-2011 10:08:01

Great! Hope to see you soon.


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