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deleting my account

Julie Edelman 23-Oct-2011 11:24:17

i want to delete my twittercounter account asap!

Richard Kraaijenhage 24-Oct-2011 03:02:13

Hey Julie,

Unfortunately, due to technical limitations, it's currently not possible to remove your profile from Twitter Counter.

To stop using Twitter Counter you can log out of the website and remove the permissions for our application (The Visitor Widget) from your Twitter settings page at



Julie Edelman 24-Oct-2011 07:30:24

my main question is does any one other then me have access to my twitter counter information and if so will doing what you said about logging out and remove permissions for app prevent this? thank you

Richard Kraaijenhage 24-Oct-2011 08:45:33

Hey Julie,

No, nobody has access to your information which isn't already publicly available on your twitter account.

Revoking permissions will stop giving us access to your twitter profile and -if you turned turned this on- send you notifications. Revoking access via will close our connection with your account.


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