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my retweet and mentiones aren't appearting after September 1st, 2011.

TransLink BC 18-Oct-2011 12:16:28

I need to get access to these numbers a.s.a.p.

Richard Kraaijenhage 18-Oct-2011 13:09:55


Our access to your mentions has probably been expired. Can you log out from Twitter Counter?
Then go to your Twitter settings and revoke access for "The Visitor Widget"?
And then log in to Twitter Counter again.

This will help solving the problem with your statistics.



TransLink BC 18-Oct-2011 19:56:13

Hi Richard,

I did this, but now I'm getting nothing for retweets or mentions.

Richard Kraaijenhage 19-Oct-2011 04:58:27


I saw your latest payment for your premium subscription was on August 2. If you want to view your mention/retweet stats, you need to resubscribe to Twitter Counter Premium. Go to this page to subscribe:

Have a nice day,


TransLink BC 19-Oct-2011 11:42:26

Hello encore. I've just resubscribed to the premium account. I have two questions. How long before I can see these two streams? When can I change the credit card that use to pay for this account?

Richard Kraaijenhage 20-Oct-2011 06:15:28


It will take up to 24 hours before your stats are visible. Statistics between 2 September and 19 October will remain unavailable in the chart, because we didn't track your twitter account during that period.

You can change your credit card by canceling your current subscription, wait until you receive our end-of-subscription email. (at the end of your normal billing cycle) At that moment you can start a new subscription. We are working on making this simpler. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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