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How do I delete my account?

argyro 13-Oct-2011 17:56:54

I don't seem to remember when I created this and I google myself and it is at the top of the rank! It doesn't also seem possible to delete my real name, which I have done already in my actual twitter account.

Richard Kraaijenhage 14-Oct-2011 04:03:57

Hi Argyro,

Unfortunately, due to technical limitations, it's currently not possible to remove your profile from Twitter Counter.

To stop using Twitter Counter you can log out of the website and remove the permissions for our application (The Visitor Widget) from your Twitter settings page at

We will remove your page from google, it will take a while before changes are visible in google.

Have a nice day,


Richard Kraaijenhage 17-Oct-2011 04:27:35

Yes, you can give back access anytime.


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